Easiest way to spruce up the exterior of your home

Are your pathways/driveway turning green? Lichen growing on your fence?

In our humid environment, exterior of the houses collect not only dirt, but also mould, grime, salt, moss and lichen.

Regular water blasting should be part of your maintenance program. If it is cleaned regularly, you will avoid build up of mould/lichen around your home.

We believe that the best solution to keep your home looking fresh and clean is using a high pressured waterblaster to wash away all the heavy build that even you may not have even noticed.. leaving a irresistible fresh look of your house.

Sandstone Pavers… Remove Dirt and Algae and Treat Surface to kill in-ground Algae Spores

We care about your house as you do, so we guarantee to do the best job possible! If you’re looking for more property services/handy man type work then contacting a maintenance company will be more suitable. In regards to cleaning:

  • We are passionate about providing a exceptional cleaning service
  • We cater for your every need
  • Workmanship and Attention to detail is key
  • Your satisfaction is guaranteed.
  • Follow up call to ensure you are satisfied

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