Our Company’s Story

Window Clean Made Easy is a division of Life Maid Easy cleaning company.

Our vision is to help people lead a great lifestyle by taking care of the time consuming stuff (like household chores), so you can focus on the more important things to you, like family, sports or career, it is totally up to you!

We will take care of your Window Cleaning, House wash and water blasting needs for you home. You can now use that time to catch up with family and friends, play sport, enjoy yourself or go to the movies. If that’s not your thing, simply put your feet up and relax, knowing that all your household tasks of cleaning are taken care of by someone you can trust.

To give you your weekends back, by taking care of your cleaning needs for your home so you can live the life you desire, and spend your weekends doing what you want to.

Core Values

The key to providing you with the best possible service is defining our core values, from which our culture, brand, and business strategies all flow from. Sure this sounds very corporate-like, but that’s not the case at all. From day one, we’ve made it clear that we aren’t some big faceless corporate company where our phones are answered overseas, that’s just not who we are.

Our core values are constantly being look at to ensure Life Maid Easy is a company where people love to come to work each day, a place where they can grow, develop and achieve their life goals.

Steven done

Steven Ngov – Marketing Manager
Education-wise, I studied at AUT (Auckland University of Technology) and have a degree in Bachelor of Business, majoring in management and international business. I’ve always been interested in marketing, website development, and business development, and it’s no wonder, because my family owns quite a few businesses.




Hendrik Terhart – Business Development Manager
I love, live and breathe surfing. In my free time I try to spend most of my time in or around the Ocean.
My second love is travelling and visiting new countries. I find that this is where I can combine my two biggest loves waves and exploring.
I also dabble in a bit of photography and Ski/Snowboarding.



MEL done

Melissa McIntyre – Operations Manager
I grew up in Wanganui but have lived in Auckland for 16 years.
I came here for university and stayed ever since.Auckland is a beautiful area physically and there is a lot you can do.

I studied at the University of Auckland, completing a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Commerce with majors in humanities and international business. My interests include marine biology, ancient history and the sustainability of natural resources. My future goals involve world travel and